GIS Basemap, Andhra Pradesh

To form good governance, introduce and strengthen  e-Governance, the Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration (CDMA), Government of Andhra Pradesh initiated the project to enhance physical and social infrastructure with the enablement of Information and Communication Technology to manage large volume of data (MIS).

The objective of this assignment is to Prepare GIS Base Maps for Andhra Pradesh State ULBs along with property and utility features, conduct door- to-door survey data collection and rationalization of door numbering while providing linkages to MIS system (MIS). The data will aid decision making to Municipal functions including improvement of property tax assessments, water, trade taxes, and tax collection mechanism, development, planning and management of infrastructure.

  • Finalization of ward, municipal, revenue, slum and locality boundaries
  • DGPS- GCP Survey, Geo-rectification of Satellite image
  • Base Map survey and collection of attributes
  • Digitization of land base features
  • Topographic survey
  • Door to door Survey for collection of property details and measurements of property.
  • Rationalisation of house numbering
  • Training
World Bank Funded Project
  • GIS Base-Map
  • Door to door Survey
  • Training
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Board of Directors
  • Mr. Keki D.B. Mehta
  • Mrs. Daisy K.D.B. Mehta
  • Mr. Baman K.D.B. Mehta
  • Mr. Darashaw K.D.B. Mehta
  • Mr. D.S. Padhya
Compliance Officer
  • Bina Shah