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  • Darashaw & Company Private Limited is amongst the oldest, continuously managed broking and advisory houses in India, headquartered in Mumbai and has a Pan India presence.
  • Darashaw has the distinction of being the first resource mobiliser and broker in government securities to be appointed by Reserve Bank of India on the bank’s inception in 1938.
  • Darashaw’s business has been structured on Pan National Strategic Business Units. Each of these SBUs leverages the strong presence and the vast domain knowledge that we enjoy in the Indian Debt and Equity Markets to serve our clients better and to seek out new business opportunities.
  • Darashaw’s strategy has been to seek continuous growth by deriving synergy between the various markets that it operates in. We have built a very strong institutional and semi‐institutional distribution muscle, which allows us to cover the entire demand and supply chain for debt and equity assets.

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A History of Firsts – Achievements

  • Originated India’s
    First MBS of a
    Public Sector Bank
  • Originated, underwritten &
    bought out India’s first perpetual
    issue i.e. of IOB & UCO Bank
  • Advisor & Arranger to India’s
    First 20 Year Zero Coupon
    Corporate Bond for PFC
  • Advisor & Arranger to the
    First Asymmetric Bond
    Issuance in the country
  • Advisor & Arranger to First
    Defaulted Bond Buyout
    in Indian Market
  • Arranger & Sole Investor to First
    Perpetual bond of a
    Non-Banking Finance Company
Arranger and sole structurer to India’s first Basel – III Bond

Darashaw presented with

The IFRAsia Award 2006


Force Reckon – Landmark Industry Initiative – Since 1995

Force Reckon has acted as a key enabler for regulatory change and market development since 1995

Force Reckon is an interactive platform which seeks to unify the Retirement Benefit Industry and create an environment of
sharing knowledge and information in an environment of trust. Darashaw has continued to believe that
Retirement Benefits sector

Force Reckon

Force Reckon

  • Force Reckon I
  • Force Reckon II
  • Force Reckon III
  • Force Reckon IV
  • Force Reckon V

Force Reckon I held in Bangalore and then in Mumbai, in 1997, focused on:

  • Expanding the basic skill base of the Provident and Pension Fund managers through lessons on the concept of YTM and Yield maximization strategies.
  • Information regarding the different debt instruments that were going to be opened for investments in the near future

Continuing with the same spirit, Darashaw organised “Force Reckon I” in active co-ordination with the Additional Central Provident Fund Commissioner’s office and the office of the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner.

Force Reckon II held in Mumbai, in the year 1998, targeted on:

  • The policy amendments required for enhancing returns on these funds.
  • Panel discussions with representation of people across industry regarding the role of Provident and Pension Fund Industry in the development of financial system.

By now, Force Reckon had taken shape as the first and the only kind of association of the PF managers in the country.

Force Reckon III held in Bangalore, then in Chennai and then in Delhi, in the year 1999 – 2000, targeted on:

  • How post retirement funds can influence and act as the economic engine of growth for a country.
  • How the whole world is facing a grave crisis in terms of more and more number of people retiring in the world.

Force Reckon IV held in Mumbai on 11th September, 2000

Force Reckon IV aimed at the strategic development of retirement benefits by:

  • Liberalizing the industry and effecting positive changes to the investment pattern of funds.
  • Enhancing the knowledge base of the clients and familiarize them with the latest developments in the industry.

This seminar brought together the various fund managers, the regulatory authorities and the service providers in this industry to usher in an era of liberalization as the industry would be one of India’s main engines of economic growth. The Retirement Benefit Industry would be one, which would attract the maximum number of reforms to benefit the maximum number of retirees.

Approximately 300 – 350 Retirement Benefit Fund Managers, from all over India, gave an overwhelming response in terms of the level of participation, queries raised and responses given to the opinion poll administered by Darashaw & Company Private Ltd.

The results showed that all the fund managers were concerned about the post retirement standard of living of the current retirees. 63% of the managers felt that today’s retirees are retiring poorer. The results also showed that 85% of the retirement funds wanted to be given the liberty to adopt a Menu System while executing their investments. Around 90% of the fund managers felt that swaps should be allowed and that SDS should be phased out gradually.

This seminar has showed that a lot of stress is being laid on retirement benefit fund management, the benefits that these retirees can draw from these funds and creation of wealth for these retirees.

Force Reckon V in Mumbai

The Indian Merchant’s Chamber in association with Darashaw & Company Pvt. Ltd. organised a full-day seminar on “Pension Reforms: Its Implication for Industry and Economy”. The objectives of this seminar was to

  • Educate the Indian Retirement Benefit Manager about the scope and magnitude of the retirement financing challenges
  • Provide the foundation for nonpartisan and informed policy debate
  • Build a national consensus for the challenges necessary to place the country on a sound, long-term fiscal footing and ensure a secure retirement for all Indians.

Pension Reforms have been talked and debated the world over, efforts in India have initiated but the perceived industry structure is still not clear, Force Reckon V was held with the objective of bringing the Pension Reform Thinking on a common Platform

It was the first effort in the country to get the Civil Pension Reforms Committee chairman, the IRDA Chairman (leading the OASIS initiated Pension Reforms for the unorganized Sector) and the Central Provident Fund Commissioner from EPFO the largest regulator of Provident and Pension Funds in India

The conference was attended by over 350 fund managers and was hailed by all quarters for the communication and perspectives that came from the regulators on how the retirement funds industry would emerge in the post reform era.

Reforms don’t happen in a day…the course is set and importantly reform thinking is rationally trying to make and keep the best of retirement provision that are there in the country

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Board of Directors
  • Mrs. Daisy K.D.B. Mehta
  • Mr. Baman K.D.B. Mehta
  • Mr. Darashaw K.D.B. Mehta
  • Ms. Tihunaz K. Mehta
Compliance Officer
  • Bina Shah
Consolidate Brokerage Structure Jul-22 to Sep-2022
Consolidate Brokerage Structure Jul-22 to Sep-2022
Disclosure of Commission/Brokerage for Darashaw & Company Private Ltd  and It’s Group Entities (Known as “Darashaw”) AMFI-registered Mutual Fund Distributor for Distribution of Mutual fund Products

In accordance with the SEBI circular SEBI/IMD/CIR NO. 4/168230/09 dated 30th June 2009,details of category-wise commission earned by Darashaw from various Asset Management Companies are mentioned below:

Fund Schemes Upfront Brokerage/
Upfront Commission/
Marketing Fee
Trail Year 1 Trail Year 2 Trail Year 3 Trail Year 4
Arbitrage Funds 0 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75%
Asset Allocation 0 0.00% to 1.60% 0.00% to 1.50% 0.00% to 1.50% 0.00% to 1.50%
ELSS 0 0.00% to 1.65% 0.00% to 1.65% 0.00% to 1.65% 0.00% to 1.65%
Equity and Balanced 0 0.50% to 1.75% 0.50% to 1.75% 0.50% to 1.75% 0.50% to 1.75%
Gilt 0 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90%
Income 0 0.00% to 1.20% 0.00% to 1.20% 0.00% to 1.20% 0.00% to 1.20%
Index 0 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75%
Liquid & Floating Rate 0 0.00% to 0.20% 0.00% to 0.20% 0.00% to 0.20% 0.00% to 0.20%
Monthly Income Plans 0 0.00% to 0.95% 0.00% to 0.95% 0.00% to 0.95% 0.00% to 0.95%
Short Term 0 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90%
Ultra Short term 0 0.00% to 1.25% 0.00% to 1.25% 0.00% to 1.25% 0.00% to 1.25%
  • The above mentioned rates are as on July 1st, 2022 and are subject to change from time to time.The Upfront Brokerage mentioned in the above structure is however subject to clawback in case of redemption before specified period.
  • This collation is done on best effort basis,and the rates are updated based on Brokerage intimation received from the AMC’s. Investors are advised to check the same before investing.
  • Neither Darashaw nor it’s Directors/Employees/Associates will be responsible for intimating customers of any change in this Schedule of Commission other than by way of posting the information on our website.
  • Darashaw at times may receive the reimbursements towards promotion and marketing related activities conducted on behalf of AMC’s towards Mutual fund products.These reimbursements are however event based and not related to any specific scheme.And thus may not be received from AMC’s in a particular period as these activities are based on overall relationship with the AMC’s.
  • Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk and investors should read all scheme-related documents carefully before investing.
  • In case of any compliance issues, please write to