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Debt Capital
Markets Sales

  • We are a multi-product institutional sales team that drives the debt capital markets investment business. We undertake bond sales and purchase in the primary and secondary debt markets.
  • Undertake loan syndication mandates, and keenly track the high yield, structured & credit products in the fixed income space.
  • Focus on cultivating and maintaining strategically important relationships for the company with non-retirement-based clients such as banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds, corporates, and private wealth organisations.

Benefits Sales

Darashaw being a renowned pioneer in the retirement benefits space established the first dedicated desk to service retirement funds across the country, more than 25 years ago. Our journey has always been fostered by a strong relationship with our clients including major PSUs, Banks, and MNCs across various domains. This partnership-driven approach has enabled us to develop deeper insights into the retirement landscape thereby meeting our client’s objectives with diligence, integrity, and trust.

Today, Darashaw has grown to be the largest retirement benefits sales team in the country which caters across all the active retirement funds. The team assists in buying and selling securities as well as introducing new and innovative debt structures for investment.

We have always stayed ahead of time in an ever-evolving retirement benefits landscape as we strive forward to keep retirement trust’s investment philosophy in tandem with the economic and market developments of the country, within the given regulatory framework. Our technical research team’s expertise across various asset classes has benefited all our clients in timing the market through dynamic asset allocation.

Our ‘Force Reckon’ platform has brought together fund managers and regulators to discuss challenges and opportunities in the retirement benefits industry which paved the way for far reaching structural reforms in the industry.

Institutional Dealing

Darashaw’ s equity institutional dealing team maintains strong relationships with several financial institutions, Mutual funds, banks & insurance companies. With a dedicated research and sales team focused on catering to the needs of institutional clients, Darashaw offers a unique advantage over the competition. Institutional equity activities are based on a team approach, where institutional sales, research, and dealing with towards providing innovative solutions, better service, and superior execution capabilities. Ultimately, the team advises institutions on their portfolio for long-term investments, as well as positional trading ideas for stocks and other short and medium-term investment options







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Board of Directors
  • Mrs. Daisy K.D.B. Mehta
  • Mr. Baman K.D.B. Mehta
  • Mr. Darashaw K.D.B. Mehta
  • Ms. Tihunaz K. Mehta
Compliance Officer
  • Bina Shah
Consolidate Brokerage Structure Jul-22 to Sep-2022
Consolidate Brokerage Structure Jul-22 to Sep-2022
Disclosure of Commission/Brokerage for Darashaw & Company Private Ltd  and It’s Group Entities (Known as “Darashaw”) AMFI-registered Mutual Fund Distributor for Distribution of Mutual fund Products

In accordance with the SEBI circular SEBI/IMD/CIR NO. 4/168230/09 dated 30th June 2009,details of category-wise commission earned by Darashaw from various Asset Management Companies are mentioned below:

Fund Schemes Upfront Brokerage/
Upfront Commission/
Marketing Fee
Trail Year 1 Trail Year 2 Trail Year 3 Trail Year 4
Arbitrage Funds 0 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75%
Asset Allocation 0 0.00% to 1.60% 0.00% to 1.50% 0.00% to 1.50% 0.00% to 1.50%
ELSS 0 0.00% to 1.65% 0.00% to 1.65% 0.00% to 1.65% 0.00% to 1.65%
Equity and Balanced 0 0.50% to 1.75% 0.50% to 1.75% 0.50% to 1.75% 0.50% to 1.75%
Gilt 0 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90%
Income 0 0.00% to 1.20% 0.00% to 1.20% 0.00% to 1.20% 0.00% to 1.20%
Index 0 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75% 0.00% to 0.75%
Liquid & Floating Rate 0 0.00% to 0.20% 0.00% to 0.20% 0.00% to 0.20% 0.00% to 0.20%
Monthly Income Plans 0 0.00% to 0.95% 0.00% to 0.95% 0.00% to 0.95% 0.00% to 0.95%
Short Term 0 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90% 0.00% to 0.90%
Ultra Short term 0 0.00% to 1.25% 0.00% to 1.25% 0.00% to 1.25% 0.00% to 1.25%
  • The above mentioned rates are as on July 1st, 2022 and are subject to change from time to time.The Upfront Brokerage mentioned in the above structure is however subject to clawback in case of redemption before specified period.
  • This collation is done on best effort basis,and the rates are updated based on Brokerage intimation received from the AMC’s. Investors are advised to check the same before investing.
  • Neither Darashaw nor it’s Directors/Employees/Associates will be responsible for intimating customers of any change in this Schedule of Commission other than by way of posting the information on our website.
  • Darashaw at times may receive the reimbursements towards promotion and marketing related activities conducted on behalf of AMC’s towards Mutual fund products.These reimbursements are however event based and not related to any specific scheme.And thus may not be received from AMC’s in a particular period as these activities are based on overall relationship with the AMC’s.
  • Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk and investors should read all scheme-related documents carefully before investing.
  • In case of any compliance issues, please write to